The environment is one of the most important aspects of UXARTE. From there, you can see Aramaiona Valley and Alto Deba Valley.

Aramaiona Valley has singular scenery where you can see Anboto Mountain.

Legends say that Mary a supernatural woman, who makes people to be frightened and also to love her, lives there. Near Anboto you can see Belamendi Mountain.

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On the other side of Untzilla, you can see Alto Deba Valley, an industrial area, although it keeps its natural beauty. At the distance, we can find the highest range of mountains of the Basque Country, Aitzgorri (meaning: Red stone), although we have to pay attention on Kurtzeberri and Udalaitz mountains. Urkullu marsh is a place where you can practise sports and have a walk, always around a marvellous environment. Furthermore, UXARTE is near Mondragon, so the customers will be well engaged with the town/village.

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On the other hand, we can visit Muru Mountain. It is not as high as the others but it is the most appropriate mountain to spend a familiar day

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